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A Few links about my project

June 9, 2006


Fisrt step : Being More Familliar with Samba & Python

June 9, 2006

-I’ve decided to write the tool in Python & GTk+ so that it blends with the GNOME Desktop well.
-I’ve studied some manuals ,docs & ebooks during ten days ago which is explained below :
* “Using Samba”, Second Edition By Jay Ts, Robert Eckstein, David Collier-Brown

* Pygtk tutorial,

* “Dive Into Python” EBook ,

-I found a similar tool “redhat-config-samba” in Red Hat & Fedora Core which released under GNU GPL .I downloaded source-code & notice that tool was written in python by using pygtk lib.It can be reused if needed.

I want to start coding after Studing a few more about Python & Samba in about some next days.

Summer of code google

June 9, 2006

I've accepted in summer of code google .

My project is Desigining A GUI tool for setting up / configuring SAMBA shares on Ubuntu.

I was working on robocup project for participating in robocup soccer

simulation competition which will start from 14June.

I,ve entrusted remaining work in my teammates.

Now ,I'll continue hard working (more & more)on my summer of code project "GUI Samba Configurator " on Ubuntu (my favorite os)