Ubuntu-Config-Samba(src)0.1 is availabe !

I’ve made a google-page for Ubuntu-Config-Samba http://socg2006.googlepages.com/ubuntu-config-samba
and upload ubuntu-config-samba(src) 0.1 here.
you can run program by : 

executing ubuntu-config-samba file or sudo python mainWindow.py in terminal

Warning : You must have root previlege for runnig program.


5 Responses to “Ubuntu-Config-Samba(src)0.1 is availabe !”

  1. Bruno B B Magalhães Says:

    Unfortunately Samba Gui Configurator is not working with lastest Ubuntu 6.10!!! The shares doesn´t show up, the users also doesn´t show up, seams that the changes are still being saved, but the GUi it self isn´t working properly.

    Please, if I can help you, just let me know… Contact by my email…

    Best Regards,
    Bruno B B Magalhães

  2. Iacopo Says:

    where can i find gui samba configurator under gpl license?
    Or, do you plan to release it under gpl?

  3. Jose Vitor » Blog Archive » Samba da Inclusão Digital Says:

    […] Dados do Programa Citado: Ubuntu-Config-Samba | Site Oficial | Blog | Download | Utilização […]

  4. Chad Says:

    This is such a beautiful simple tool, I wonder if is only usable with Ubuntu. Is there a reason why it can’t work on other distros? I’d like to use it with Arch Linux.

  5. claybarrera82708 Says:

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