Ubuntu-Config-samba 0.1 test version is comming …

I have just completed the code for the Google Summer of Code.

Now I’m going to try to

  • Clean up the code, bug fixes, more testing, and hopefully get a stable version


  • Make Deb package

The Debian packaging system is one of the most elegant methods of installing, upgrading, and removing software available.

I’ll package my project in Debian Binary package format which contain executables, help pages, copyright information, and documentation and will release first version of Ubuntu-config-samba soon .

… And that is all!


2 Responses to “Ubuntu-Config-samba 0.1 test version is comming …”

  1. ssh Says:

    I downloaded your source from http://socg2006.googlepages.com/ubuntu-config-samba but I can’t run it.
    I used this command
    python mainWindow.py
    and I got this error:
    File “mainWindow.py”, line 355, in ?
    File “mainWindow.py”, line 352, in main
    File “mainWindow.py”, line 18, in __init__
    self.smbpasswdinit ()
    File “mainWindow.py”, line 338, in smbpasswdinit
    dlg = gtk.MessageDialog(self.ParentClass.main_window, 0, gtk.MESSAGE_WARNING, gtk.BUTTONS_OK,
    why don’t you add a new python file with a good name that initialize your application. something like gui-samba.py

  2. camille percy Says:

    Oh…yes .Tnks 4 your comment.
    I’ve fixed bugs and upload perfect version.
    please test it again and feel free to comment .

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