Samba-User Manager

-In sambauser-manager window you can add/edit/delete your samba users.

Samba-User Manager

-In add section :
You can add samba-user by select unix-user and related windows-user and define it’s password .
Add Samba-User

If the user has a different username on a Windows machine and will be logging into the Samba server from the Windows machine, specify that Windows username in the Windows Username field.

Also configure a Samba Password for the Samba User and confirm the Samba Password by typing it again.
-To edit an existing user, select the user from the list, and click edit button ,now user can edit samba-user’s configuration.
-To delete an existing Samba user, select the user, and click the Delete button.
Now ,I’m working on samba-server-setting Window which allow users to configure samba server ,for example :
Configuring Authentication Mode,WorkGroup ,…


3 Responses to “Samba-User Manager”

  1. Terence Says:

    Congratulations on the progress. It seems you are doing a great job. I have been monitoring for quite a while and the progress is really moving on great.

    If there are any suggestions I can offer, I will forward them via email, however you seem to have the task firmly at hand.

  2. socgguisambaconf Says:

    I need to become aware your offers to better complete ‘gui for samba’ .
    please feel free to comment .

  3. krishna Says:

    if the existing user name is not displayed in the window , but if we try to add with same name and password it saying that that user already exists ,then how to delete that usr account.

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