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Ubuntu-Config-Samba(src)0.1 is availabe !

August 28, 2006

I’ve made a google-page for Ubuntu-Config-Samba
and upload ubuntu-config-samba(src) 0.1 here.
you can run program by : 

executing ubuntu-config-samba file or sudo python in terminal

Warning : You must have root previlege for runnig program.


Ubuntu-Config-samba 0.1 test version is comming …

August 21, 2006

I have just completed the code for the Google Summer of Code.

Now I’m going to try to

  • Clean up the code, bug fixes, more testing, and hopefully get a stable version


  • Make Deb package

The Debian packaging system is one of the most elegant methods of installing, upgrading, and removing software available.

I’ll package my project in Debian Binary package format which contain executables, help pages, copyright information, and documentation and will release first version of Ubuntu-config-samba soon .

… And that is all!

How Samba Server authenticate clients ?

August 20, 2006

Each user who attempts to connect to a share not allowing guest access must provide a password to make a successful connection. What Samba does with that password—and consequently the strategy Samba will use to handle user authentication—is the arena of the security configuration option. Samba currently supports four security levels on its network: share, user, server, and domain.

*Share-level security

Each share in workgroup has one or more passwords associated with it. Anyone who knows a valid password for the share can access it

*User-level security

Each share in the workgroup is configured to allow access from certain users. With each initial tree connection, the Samba server verifies users and their passwords to allow them access to the share.

*Server-level security

This is the same as user-level security, except that the Samba server uses another server to validate users and their passwords before granting access to the share.

*Domain-level security

Samba becomes a member of a Windows NT domain and uses one of the domain’s domain controllers—either the PDC or a BDC—to perform authentication. Once authenticated, the user is given a special token that allows her access to any share with appropriate access rights. With this token, the domain controller will not have to revalidate the user’s password each time she attempts to access another share within the domain. The domain controller can PDC or BDC, or Samba be a Windows NT/2000acting as a Windows NT PDC.



Samba Server Setting - Security Tab

Samba Server Setting – Security Tab


Samba Server Setting

August 19, 2006

Configuring Basic Server Settings


Samba Server Setting – Basic Tab



The first step in configuring a Samba server is to configure the basic settings for the server like that :

-WorkGroup name : NetBIOS group to which the server belongs .

-Description :server string is the equivalent of the NT Description field .


and a few security options:

In Security Tab ,User can configure some Security Server Settings ,For example :

*Authentication Mode and … which is under construction #:-S.


Samba-User Manager

August 12, 2006