Set up Samba Server & Windows Client

*Set up Samba server In Ubuntu

After installing samba & smbfs package

-Add System User: useradd system_username

-Add Network User: smbpasswd -a system_username

-Add following line to File “smbusers” at /etc/samba/

system_username = “network username”

*Set up Windows XP client to communicate with it

(in same workgroup)

-Click on My Computer to open the My Computer window. Click
My Network Places, in the Other Places box in the left part of

the window ,click View workgroup computers in the Network

Tasks box at the left of the window and now you should see

your Samba server listed as a member of the workgroup.

Double-click its icon, and if your windows account

(username & password) doesn’t match with samba

user ,you added in linux ,you should input it and if

It’s correct you can see samba shares.


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